The founder of Shikshan Prasark Mandal Mandalwedha Late Dalit mitra Kadam Guruji started English school narkhed. by adopting the moto – ‘Dnyan Vidnyan ani Susanskar yasathi shikshan Prasar’ in 1959-60. He started the school by overcoming many difficulties. In mansions of Shivapa Mendagule and Dhanvane. The responsibility was given on the shoulders of Late Hiremath Sir. Late Hiremath sir with the help of Late Bapusaheb Mote and Mr. Gavali sir Led the stream of education forward successfully.

The educational graph of the school has been ascending since 1960. Late Dalit mitra Kadam Guruji started the boarding at Narkhed in 1960 to 1970 with the help Shivadas krishnath Mendagule and Late Bapusaheb Mote in order to bring the students in the main stream of education who were deprived of education. It facilitated the students from khavani, Yawali, Pokharapur, Waluj, Dahitane, Khairav Pasalewadi, Masale chaudhari, Diksal, Ekurake, Hingani , Bhoyare. There was a burning problem of place in front of Sanstha. The reputed personality late Govindrao (Baburao) Patil came forward as god. To solve this problem. Late Govindrao Ramrao Patil and Dr. Dattaji Ramrao Patil donated (61R) land generously in the memory of late Ramrao Madhavrao Patil. The plant of English School Narkhed has been flourishing at the spot.

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