English School Narkhed, Golden Year 2012-13
In 50 years S.S.C Qualified Students
School Management Committee 2012-2013
Higher Secondary Certificate First Old S.S.C.


Sr.No. Year Student Name Percentage
1) 1968 Mendgule Ravindra Revansiddha 60.74%
2) 1969 Shinde Sambhaji Shankar 63.12%
3) 1970 Ghatole Krushnat Bhgwan 49.53%
4) 1971 Raut Nagnath Prahlad 60.57%
5) 1972 Naiknavare Namdev Sadhu 60.00%
6) 1973 Gaikwad Bhimrao Jeevraj 59.57%
7) 1974 Mamile Angad Manik 58.14%
8) 1975 Shete Mahaveer Sukhdev 61.85%
16) 1982 Bhadange Vijaykumar Vishwanath 75.42%
17) 1983 Gote Somnath Narayan 75.42%
18) 1984 Mote Hanmant Dnyanoba 63.85%
19) 1985 Mamile Maharudra Manik 81.14%
20) 1986 Shete Sanjay Mahadev 79.00%
21) 1987 Sirsat Pandhari Uddhav 69.57%
22) 1988 Bhadange Aabasaheb Dattraj 76.14%
23) 1989 Dhavan Shahaji Aatmaram 73.85%
24) 1990 Babladkar Dattatray Ramchandra 62.57%
25) 1991 Mote Namdev Rama 77.57%
26) 1992 Sirsat Bibhishan Haridas 8.57%
27) 1993 Sakhare Nilesh Shivling 85.57%
28) 1994 Mote Ganesh Bhimrao 76.85%
29) 1995 Korub Karim Kashim 78.71%
30) 1996 Thite Umesh Annsaheb 89.14%
31) 1997 Shiral Ganesh Madhukar 80.14%
32) 1998 Bagwan Aashpak Rajak 75.85%
33) 1999 Kolhal Babasaheb Arjun 83.14%
34) 2000 Lamgunde Sagar Subhash 88.28%
35) 2001 Thite Samadhan Anna 81.46%
36) 2002 Miss. Shinde Sangita Aappa 78.93%
37) 2003 Miss.Medgule Manjushri Ravindra 78.70%
38) 2004 Ubale Suryaji Balbhim 68.00%
39) 2005 Chavan Rahul Hanmant 83.06%
40) 2006 Pawar sharad dattatray 78.26%
41) 2007 Miss. Kolhal ashwini bramhchari 83.57%
42) 2008 Miss. Sonar Pooja Dattatray 87.38%
43) 2009 Kolhal Ranjit Bramhchari 89.53%
44) 2010 Thite Vishvjeet Prabhakar 98.94%
45) 2011 Miss. Gaikwad Vidya Audumber 86.46%
46) 2012 Patil Pruthveeraj Prabhakar 90.33%
47) 2013 Patil Yogiraj Rajendra 91.82%


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Principal’s Desk
Mr. Pawar

The founder of Shikshan Prasark Mandal Mandalwedha Late Dalit mitra Kadam Guruji started English school narkhed. by adopting the moto – ‘Dnyan Vidnyan ani Susanskar yasathi shikshan Prasar’ in 1959-60. He started the school by overcoming many difficulties. In mansions of Shivapa Mendagule and Dhanvane. The responsibility was given on the shoulders of Late Hiremath Sir. Late Hiremath sir with the help of Late Bapusaheb Mote and Mr. Gavali sir Led the stream of education forward successfully.

The school has completed 50 years, so the year 2013 was celebrated as Golden Jubilee year. The educational graph of the school has been ascending since 1960. Late Dalit mitra Kadam Guruji started the boarding at Narkhed in 1960 to 1970 with the help Shivadas krishnath Mendagule and Late Bapusaheb Mote in order to bring the students in the main stream of education who were deprived of education. It facilitated the students from khavani, Yawali, Pokharapur, Waluj, Dahitane, Khairav Pasalewadi, Masale chaudhari, Diksal, Ekurake, Hingani , Bhoyare. There was a burning problem of place in front of Sanstha. The reputed personality late Govindrao (Baburao) Patil came forward as god. To solve this problem. Late Govindrao Ramrao Patil and Dr. Dattaji Ramrao Patil donated (61R) land generously in the memory of late Ramrao Madhavrao Patil. The plant of English School Narkhed has been flourishing at the spot. In memory of Late Savaba Naguappa Bhadange shri Gaurihar Savaba Bhadange built big water tank on 25 November 1985 for the students. Former minister Late Shajirao Patil had given the co-operation to the school. The chairman of school committee Mr. Dhavane sir fulfilled confidence of Late Kadam Guruji by accepting co-operation of the villagers. There is Lion’s share of Mr Dongare sir, shri Pawar sir Late Mendagule sir and Late Zendage sir to give size and shape to the school. There is contribution of teachers as well as non-teaching staff in this process. We are trying to bring forward the great legacy.

The inspiration to celebrate Golden jubilee year was given by president of Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Mangalwedha Dr. Sau Minakshi Kadam and vice president Mr. B. T. Patil sir, Dr. Subhash Kadam, the secretary of Shikshan Prasark Mandal Magalwedha and Advocate Sujit (Bapu) Kadam, the president of Dalit mitra Kadam Guruji gunvatta vikas abhiyan inspired and co-operated us to build four room’s during silver jubilee year . We arranged get-together programme of the previous students on 14 April 2013.

Mr. S.S. Bhosale sir Joint secretary of S.P.M Mangalwedha inspired to start semi medium classes in the school by taking into consideration the needs of the rural students. There are semi classes division from std v th to std X. The result of the semi medium of S.S.C Board Exams is 100% . Two players of kho-kho participated at district and zonal level due to guidance of physical director Mr. Mali S. G. sir. The versatile personality of maths teacher Mr. L. U. Pawar sir has got Ideal teacher award of Mohol taluka.

During inspired award science teacher Mr. Lavate D.R. presented the science apparatus at district level and it was selected for the zonal level. It brought great fame to school. Our school arranges external Examinations such as NTS. NMMS, drawing grade exam, Hindi external exam, English external exam, Maths, Sambodh, pradnya, pravinya exam, Middle school scholarship exam, Navodya exam. Some students are taking riyaz (practice) in music due to endless efforts of Mr. Ashok Ubale. There are six divisions of semi medium or six divisions of Marathi medium in the school. There are 18 teaching staff and 8 non teaching staff in the school. There is well equipeed library in the school Mr. Wakale L.D. is serving as part time librarian. There are various types of books in the library.

There is well equipped Laboratory in the school. There is big and spacious play ground in front of school building. There is a big gym and other facilities like toilet and latrine are provided to the students.

The students are provided the mid meal during the long recess.

The school has contribuated in making of great personalities such as doctors, engineers, lawyers, industrialists , scientists, judges, class-one officers, politicians, teachers, writers, literary persons.

Mr. Y.R Patil has got first place in S.S.C board exam by obtaining 91.82% marks in the year 2013. The students who got first place, second place, third place in S.S.C exam are awarded with cash award given by the teachers and some parents. In this way school is progressing continuously due to valuable guidance of S.P.M Mangalwedha and co-operation of parents of the students.